Why is there no women artist work on display in the MET museum?


Though I could not find hard facts stating why the MET does not have many women artists on display I did find some facts about how many women are represented in the museum as well as how cultures may have effected the amount of art produced by women.
As of 2012 the MET only had a mere 4% of the entire museum represented by women. This isn’t necessarily surprising to me because of how far back the works of art at the museum date. The further back we go in history the less and less we see cultures allowing females to make art. If during those time periods women were not involved in art then it makes sense that the art being shown at the MET is predominantly male dominated.


One thing that I do find alarming is the amount of female artists not on show at the MoMa. As of April 2015 only 7% of the artists on display at the museum were female. This museum alarms me because it is the Museum of MODERN Art and there are many more females in the modern art world than there was back in the periods that the MET shows. I know that the art world is predominantly male dominated and that even collectors and critics tend to take art made by males more seriously. I think that if the MoMA incorporated more female artists into their exhibits that maybe it would impact the art world a little more because the MoMA has such an impact on the art world. I feel that if the incorporated then maybe we would become taken more seriously and other museums may follow their example and add more female artists to their exhibits as well, thus giving us the chance we need in the art world to be taken more seriously.





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